3rd U3D Community Contest: 5MB Christmas

Sources: Ultimate 3D
Ultimate 3D competition 3 is finally here! Submission Deadline: 11:59:59 at December 31st, 2009. Lots of time. THEME: CHRISTMAS LIMITATION: 5 MB MAX.
  • Limit two (2) submissions per person.
  • Teams may be formed. The above rule still applies.
  • Any submission that does not pertain to the theme will not qualify to compete.
  • Any submission that does not stay within the limit will not qualify to compete.
  • The U3D community shall decide whether a submission meets the above two rules.
  • Any submission deemed by the U3D community not meeting the rules will not qualify to compete.
  • Any submission not using Ultimate 3D for rendering the majority of the submission will not qualify to compete.
  • To enter your submission, either post in the U3D forum topic or contact me, Skarik. You can get my email here.
  • Relax. The rules aren't strict. Your submission just needs to use Ultimate 3D and pertain to the competition topic.

  • Judging is to be determined by the U3D community and four (4) elected members of the U3D community.
  • The 3 submissions gaining the most votes from the U3D community a month after the deadline shall be submitted to the elected members for review
  • The four (4) elected members of the U3D community must write a review for each select submission and choose the best
  • For the better of the understanding of the U3D community and others, the elected members shall judge the submissions to a total of 65 points according to: game play for twenty (20) points, graphics for ten (10) points, relevancy to the theme for five (5) points, relevancy to the limit for five (5) points, sounds and music for ten (10) points, innovation for five (5) points, presentation and detail for five (5) points, and story for five (5) points.
  • All this amounts to is judging done by the Ultimate 3D community. Sometimes it'll help your popularity to join the forums, other times it'll help just to stay away.

If you've got some ideas, don't be afraid to contribute! If there actually is some sort of a turnout this time, maybe Dr. Best - the guy who made Ultimate 3D - will be motivated to edit the website's front page. Try to stay away from cash prizes, as some of our members do not like to bring money into these things.

Visit the official topic on the Ultimate 3D Forums for more info.
Visit the Ultimate 3D website for the Game Maker SDK.
Credits: Skarik

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