Posting Instructions

E-mail to get permissions to post on Game Maker Gazette. You'll need to include your E-mail and GMC or YYG username. We'll do a background check on you first to see your reputation.

This rules page serves as both instructions for posting articles on this blog, as well as a set of rules of DO's and DONT's.

Posting an article

1. Sign in to Blogger

2. On your dashboard, click on the "NEW POST" button under the name Game Maker Gazette

3. Give the article a good name. Make sure it is short enough. Long names look awkward on article pages.

4. Go ahead and click in the text field - and continue on to the rules

Rules about posting

These rules to apply to all who post articles on Game Maker Gazette

You will need to use the "edit html" tab on the text editor.

Brian, Bret, Kaitlyn and Mike have the right to REMOVE any article if they think that it contains information that could be damaging to a party, is inappropriate for our audience, or any other reason they think is absolutely necessary for removal.

1. Always check your sources BEFORE posting an article.

2. No swearing (profanity, etc) in articles.

3. Don't over-do tags. Use the proper tags for the article.
"Gossip" - Gossip about Game Maker users, GM media projects (gossip, not announcements of new media), etc.
"Game Maker" - Actual news about the program Game Maker.
"Magazines" - If the article is about a Game Maker magazine.
"Audio" - If the article is about a audio podcast, etc.
"YoYo Games" - If the article is about YoYo Games, Ltd. Their website, their company, etc.
"Competitions" - If the article is about Game Maker competitions.
"Websites" - If the article is about changes made to a popular Game Maker website (example: GameJolt, 64Digits, etc).
"Video" - If the article is about video media releases (example: Game Maker TV).
"Educational" - If the article is about an eBook, Book, Game Maker school, etc. Not for tutorials.
"Games" - For the announcement of new game technology. Example: Extreme3D
"Feature" - IMPORTANT articles that are a BIG thing (like breaking news - magazines and stuff NEVER make this). DO NOT use this tag, simply E-mail and ask them for permission if you think that should be used. If you get a yes, you can use it. If not, DO NOT.

4. Don't delete any parts of the post template that need to be there (which being everything that it doesn't say to edit). The post template is the text that appears in your text BOX where you write your article) when you click "NEW POST".

5. Don't post in a manner that appears that you're just SELF-PROMOTING. Just stick with the news.

6. Don't SPAM. This includes: (these things need to be included in your release post, not in a post by themselves - otherwise it's SPAM).
(a. posting to announce a change of music to your media release
(b. posting to announce a competition for your media release
Just think of it like this: Don't post 2 articles about the same media or release subject in a row - combine the two.

7. No hasty future announcements. Let the people know a week in advance. Example: this (click here) shouldn't have warned people 1 day. It should be at least 1 and a half weeks in advance.

8. When you choose an article icon, make sure the width of the image and the height of the image are exactly the same. Stretched images look awful on the home page of the Gazette. Don't hotlink - upload the image yourself.


Can I post news about things (media, websites, etc) that I do not own?

If the author of the thing (media, website, etc) isn't going to post it on Game Maker Gazette, yes. If they are going to post it, don't post it. So if nobody posts about a new version of Game Maker (or something that is posted on the Glog, or somewhere else), feel free to post it.

Breaking the rules can result in permanent posting permission removal.