Game Polisher Radio Contest Tomorrow

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Hd4life has finished the Game Polisher Website and wanted to remind everyone that there is a contest taking place tomorrow over the air on the show. For the contest, listeners are given the chance to have my game making "company" Glitchy Games make them any game they can imagine. All you have to do is email a code to during the show.

So let's say you win. You would get an email back and it would tell you to summit your idea. So you could say "I want a Top-Down Shooter based around robots in the 25th century that...." or "I would LOVE a Mario like game, but this time, make it with Lego characters and...". This contest is open to everyone who listens in, but it more directed towards those who don't know about Game Development or don't have the time to make a game. If profits are made with this game, the winner will receive part of the profits.

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