I AM NEITHER SAD NOR HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT GMIndie is on hiatus. Well, everything but Game Maker Gazette (which won't be run by me for a while).

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I will be way too busy with my career, upcoming constant traveling, college, family reunion, my wedding, and other complications this fall and holiday season, so to save myself the trouble of over straining myself to almost certain death, I'm going to put GMIndie on hiatus. Since Game Maker Gazette doesn't completely belong to GMIndie (because it's owned independently by Kaitlyn and Mike, under GMIndie - that's why GMIndie owns it, in a sense), it won't be put on hiatus.

How long will GMIndie be on hiatus? No idea. And I have no idea how long it'll be til Kaitlyn and Mike grow bored of running the Gazette. The Gazette might be on hiatus soon too. And since we have no idea when this will all return, we can't tell you anything. We just hope that it won't have to be gone for good.

I'm trying to find people to take charge of things while I'm gone. My return may not be soon. It might possibly be years. We'll see.

I'm going to have a lot of fun, and more things to be constantly thankful for. Thanks everyone for your support of GMIndie. Hope we can continue to bring you scoops and stuff. Wish me luck good people. Good luck with your games!

Are you a GMIndie team member and possibly confused? Tweet @GMIndie for questions. Mike usually uses the GMIndie twitter. I won't be.

And good luck to all Competition 06 contestants. Hope the best win.

-- Brian Fetcher
Founder & CEO of GMIndie

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