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The show was suppose to start at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (GMT-5) but ended up starting 6 minutes late and ran for 1:54:37 (h/m/s). The show started with Joshua Pedroza and Co-host Dan Eggers and Robin Monks who were joined by NAL, Phil & Jack. For the first 2 minutes the show started up fuzzing, the music was too loud, and really we couldn't hear what they were saying. There were 8 listeners when the show started and it jumped up to 24 half way through the show.

HOT TOPIC! YoYo Games forum not necessary
Josh mentioned that YYG forums are not necessary because GMC is the official forums. He calls the YYG forums "the trash forums"

Personally we believe YoYo Games forums do have good purpose. It filters a large portion of the unwanted members off of GMC and attracts them to move to YYG.

You can check out the topics of discussion at GMVision:

"It was a great show, definitely an improvement over last times broadcast!" - Frederick

Listen again here:

Game Maker 10th anniversary is coming up November 15. Be ready for a special broadcast from GMLive in November!

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