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Quoted from GMVision...

GMVision just announced their latest project ("Game Maker Live"). It's a weekly radio show (by "Robin Monks" of GMKing, Jonathan Martin, and "Joshua Pedroza" from GMVision). They hope to have a live talk in each weekly show about the latest news, games, live interviews, (via Skype) and much more.

The first show will start on Saturday October 10th, at 11:00 AM.

"A post will be made a few days before each live show announcing the topic list, so that people can prepare comments or a list of things to say if they call into the show. You can go ahead and add “GameMakerLive” to your skype buddy list, so you can call in to the show. There will also be a live Chat room for each show on the site." - GMVision

They will start streaming at approz 10:30am (EST) just playing music so that people have the change to get tuned in to the show. the show will officially start at 11:00 AM and will go for 30 to 45 minutes.

"If the show gets popular, we may consider doing a 24/7 stream of music, and live News announcements when they break." - GMVision

Joshua asks that you please bookmark the link:

The first week's topics are:
This week on Game Maker Live, we will be discussing the following:

* Announcements:
o Our Origins/small bit about us
o Happy 20th birthday Robin!
o Calling in (How to, and FAQ)

* Game Discussions:
o Metroid Online By Kinging Stoma
o Super Smash Battle 3D By Sakisa
o Zero One Days By rappybas

* News Topics:
o YoYo’s Grant
o YoYo’s Losses
o GMC and YoYo Forum down
o GM8 Logo Comp
o KwikLook Blog suspended

Plus any more news that comes after this post!

* Additional time Topics:
o Raise your concerns about GM8 and Mac Beta
o How should YoYo Games improve there money situation?

"Our two new alternate hosts for this show, and possibly future shows are Dan Eggers, and “Dan”

We will be taking live calls throughout the show, if you would like to reserve your spot for calling in, then please post here. Otherwise your call may be put on hold if we are running short on time during a section. If you are unable to call in using skype, we may be able to call you using our skype minutes (we bought a plan for unlimited time so we can) on your regular telephone. On the other hand, if you would prefer to call us, we have a UK Land line, or a US Land line number that you can call*. (Ask us about it in the chat). Shortly after the show is done, we will upload the whole thing, so that people can re-listen to it in case they missed it, or wanted to hear it again." - GMVision

*please note that we cannot refund any money spent on making or receiving calls to/from GMLive.

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