A poor bashing attempt, More late articles? & Is Frederick a Professor?

Sources: Game Maker Blog

A poor bashing attempt aimed at Game Maker Station

On Saturday (October 17th 2009) Game Maker Blog posted an article which was an obvious attempt to bash Game Maker Station.

Philip says "Game Maker Station obviously sees itself as the new GMKing"
he also went on to say..
"they are now planning to launch a competing radio show about Game Maker. It won’t work."

Wrong. There's is quite a difference between a radio show and a pod cast. And Game Maker Station never planned to launch a radio show.

AbusingWings (GMS Staff) claims that GMVision radio show wouldn't have been any competition against Game Maker Bizz because he claims GMVision is an amateur radio show which would have been nothing against a professionally revised Pod Cast.

More late articles?

Frederick says "This is the third article you have written that I have seen announcing Game Maker news several years late! I am curious to know why you are doing this.". Philip simply replied "I wasn’t aware of this in 2007 or I would of posted it then" when questioned about 3 more articles that were written several years late.

We think this is great that he found it.. but so late? At least it was a good find. You can check out the article about an interview with YYG Co Founder Michel Cassius right here.

One of the articles should have been posted back in 2007. This is one of the latest announcements on Game Maker Blot yet. The last one was one about YYG losing over £180,000 (~$285,000 USD).

Frederick claims there were 3 articles. Where is the third?

Is Frederick a Professor?

An image (screen shot taken by Philip Gamble from GMB) showing where Frederick claimed to be a Professor at a Community College was put up for displayed on GMB a few days ago. Also with that screen shot was another where Frederick claimed to NOT be a Professor.

Another great find by Philip Gamble? Or are these screen shots just fakes? We will never know since he can never prove it.

Credits: A poor bashing attempt by Donald and Frederick. More late articles? by Donald and some of the staff. Is Frederick a Professor? by some of the staff
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    The only reason this article was allowed to be posted was because we hadn't been posting any articles for a while and we needed one A.S.A.P ^^

  2. YoYo Games' 2007 accounts were not available in 2007.

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