Happy 10th Birthday Game Maker

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Game Maker by Mark Overmars (1999-2009).

Sorry this is late. I forgot to post it. I would like to announce Game Maker's 10th Birthday which was Saturday (November 14th 2009). Game Maker has gone far with Game Maker in the past 10 years and will continue to be improved by YoYo Games in the near future.

Looking back, Game Maker has been improved and changed so much that it's actually unbelievable. Mark Overmars did an excellent job in all versions of Game Maker.

Game Maker 1.1

One of the biggest and most frequent changes is the interface of Game Maker. Game Maker has also changed formats several times from things like GMF, GM6 & GMK. At first all of the Game Maker icons for D&D (Drag and Drop) were in two separate windows.

Game Maker 8.0
Game Maker 8 is going to make Game Maker history as YoYo Games finishes their masterpiece which is by far better than Game maker 7. Game Maker 8 has many new and improved features along with a new icon. Changing the icon is probably one of the biggest changes Game Maker has made. A sneak peek of some of the possible new icons (By Andy).
screenshots coming soon

Game Maker for Mac
Game Maker wasn't always available for Mac. This is a huge change and a good one too.

Screenshot by: DrWatz0n

Mark Overmars to YoYo Games
With the release of Game Maker 7, GM went to YYG.

The GMC's skin was changed shortly after.
BEFORE: http://i45.tinypic.com/3025aug.png
AFTER: http://i46.tinypic.com/j93sr6.png


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