YoYo Games wakes up and notices their ad problem

Sandy Duncan says "It’s been brought to our attention that some of you are seeing adverts on the site placed by Google that are NOT appropriate for a large section of our audience."

YoYo Games doesn't pre-approve of any of the ads in their inventory because it would be impossible for a site with an audience that is worldwide. Sandy claims that the ads displayed on YoYo Games are rarely offensive. This is not the case. Recently, hardly any of the ads displayed on YoYo Games have been appropriate for most of YoYo Games's audience. Most of YoYo Games users are just kids. The ads on YoYo Games look as if they are trying to capture an audience of 18. Most of the kids on there are under 18.

Quoted from Sandy...
HOWEVER..we ARE a games site and that means we sometimes are a bit too “edgy”….or “tasteless”.

While tastes differs from place to place and between individuals we will always endeavour to remove any ads that are sexually explicit, racially offensive or incite and promote unnecessary levels of violence.
If you see and ad that YOU believe meets these criteria then :-
1. We need to know the URL of the advertiser in order to block them. This often means you need to click though on the ad.
2. Report it to us on the helpdesk at yoyogames.mojohelpdesk.com

We will immediately review the ad and, if we believe it’s inapporpriate we will remove block their URL.
NOTE…some advertisers know they are using offensive material and often have multiple URL:s to avoid being totally blocked, so we sometimes block them and they pop-up again, so bear with us and feel free to report them.

It's about time Sandy took some action. It's been months and people have been reporting this same thing over and over again this season and last season.

Recent reports claim that parents haven't been allowing their kids to visit YYG because of advertisements such as: Evony. Some kids have even lost the chance to get Game Maker because of this. The images on the ads have nothing whatsoever to do with the game. They should be sued for false advertising.

In response to this article, Sandy told Frederick "I've blocked at least 15 Evony sites over the past 18 months. The 2 that have been reported since I posted teh message have NOT been Evony, though they look similar. As I said in my post...I can't block what I can't see....and there have been no Evony ads in the UK in the last 6 months...."

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  1. X

    Yeah, Evony should be sued to bring trouble to visitor.
    Not only in YYG, but Evony brings trouble in a lot of sites because of inappropriate ads.


  2. bout damn time! XD

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