Game resource thieves on the loose again!

source and credit: donald geargod brian and brandon

Last year, a program designed to extract resources from Game Maker games was created. "The documentation about the encryption and how its broken can be found on the internets." - GearGOD. Supposedly the program was only being distributed to people who were trustworthy and would only use it to extract their own game resources in case their computer crashed and they were in the need to get their resources back. The original creator had GearGOD re-post the program. This year, a new psycho Game maker user has made his plans to rip the resources from every game maker game (as long as it's of some quality) and give the resource away on the internet for free!

I was told by valuable sources that the following games had been extracted and were going to be placed on the internet as open source (Sprites and sound effects). The following games are just some of the many games that have been ripped:
1. Crimelife 2 by sakisa
2. Caveman Craig by RhysAndrews
3. Infinite War (2009) by sakisa
4. Venture V8 by andyh44
5. Age of Crime - Alphanstein City (beta) by Arbideon Studios
6. Little (2009) by Zack064
7. Assassins Blue by BanovG

and we're not sure how many more... He just started posting these. There could be dozens more.

(image has been blurred so that you don't steal sprites from screenshots we are using as proof)
At first I just assumed this was a big hoax. Then a few of the staff and I looked around for proof and found Marco's website with Crimelife 2 models, Caveman Craig sprite sheet, and more. He's even giving away the sound effects and music claiming they are open source and were leaked. His website has been reported for copyrighted fraud and we're waiting to see what happens next.

Protect your game resources!
Anti-Decompiler - Abfuscator.

He's stealing resources and posting them on the internet!

In an email just a few days ago...
"why yes. i have extracted sprites from game maker projects to create sprite sheets for my website. sprite sheets for fan games are popular. why not make for game maker? im going to rip every game maker game of its resources as long the game isnt complete crap and im going to give them away" - Marco

In response to the original creation of the program...
"I hope you know, I will sue you to the full extent of the law. Not only does this program break the EULA, but it’s just down right pathetic." - Mark Overmars

People are saying that Mark Overmars did fix it and successfully blocked the program. I was told earlier today that they have figured out how to make it work with Game Maker 7.0! I hope Mark Overmars quickly fixes this before the release of Game Maker 8 or we're going to have a hard year.

The decompiler GearGOD posted is the older version which decompiles Game Maker 5 games. The new decompiler has not yet been found. We are still looking. The moment we find it, we're alerting Mark Overmars.

We aren't providing a link to his website simply because: We don't want these sprite sheets getting in the hands of people who are going to use them.

The point of this article is... A while back they had given this resource theft a break. But this time it's a bit serious. They are at it again! This article isn't about the decompiler, it's about the recent theft of many game resources.

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  1. I truely don't understand how people do this, I mean, if your really that interested in finding out how the game works, just ask the maker if they could help you with a game your making thats similar. Or if your after sprites and music, hire someone on the GMC to make similar sprites, after all, they will be more original if they were made by someone else, and will look cooler. Doing whats already has been done is just redoing it, which isn't very original.

  2. Its kind of freaky! If I upload my game he might steal my sprites

  3. why am i in teh credits? i didnt rely do much XD

    i hope someone duz somethin bout tes damn peeps

  4. Apperantly, using the vista converter makes the .exe immune to the decompiler.

    Anyway, I'm kinda thankfull for the decompiler being there, it saved one of my projects when I lost the GM file in a hard drive crash.

  5. bad thing is when peeps steal your stuff like this guy is
    he should be arested

  6. Is it really stealing if you leave the front door open and a sign that says "please take what you want"? GM is not a full compiler, and until Mark makes it one, you will keep finding people able to create a decompiler. I think it's hilarious that Mark says he will "sue to the extent of the law" when Mark has no standing on it. If GM was the target directly, then Mark has full right...but since it deals with things that are made by it and doesn't decompile the runner (but rather the bytecode stored alongside the runner), and only when someone ELSE targets the decomp is protected.

    If you could sue for someone decompiling your games, then microsoft would be sued for "".

    Just hilarious!

  7. That's a good point.

    I think that the decompiler is a good thing to have if you happen to have a computer crash and need to get your projects back. On the other hand, it is also a bad thing because people (like Marco here) will steal resources.

    Usually you see people stealing resources and keeping it for themselves so they can later edit it. But Marco here is stealing them and giving them away on the internet. That's terrible!

  8. Welcome to January 2008. Will all of your reporting be this timely and accurate?

  9. Yes. the program was created last year. But this guy attempting to rip every game make game ever created (as long as its of some quality) incident just happened.

  10. This article is fake. Do you think it's just a coincidence that the website wasn't linked to, and that nobody can actually find it? It's pretty obvious that nobody is out there maniacally posting the sources to GM games.

  11. Oooh! Look who wants the link to the website so they can steal some sprites to use in their games. We already gave the reason we didn't link to the website. So people like you don't steal sprites.

    We took screenshots of the sprite sheets. Are you blind? You call those fake? They aren't.

  12. lol @ Marce

    they are real
    its to obvious that you are a noob

  13. No. Those sprite sheets are real. I would know! One of them happens to be ripped from one of my games ('Age of Crime').

    It's sad how people will just steal other people's resources. I guess they've run out of talent to create their own. It's so simple to just stop by the GMC and post a request topic requesting your sprites and sounds.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  15. lol ya fred has a point
    its to easy teh post on gmc

  16. Right, because there just happens to be somebody hellbent on decompiling every Game Maker game? C'mon, your story makes no sense. Yes, I would like to see the website, because this is all a fairytale until you actually man up and post it.

  17. Haha, I'm sure Marco doesn't care if it makes sense or not. He just happens to spend his free time ripping resources.

  18. Fred dont encourage him. he just wants to talk you into giving him the link so he can steal some resources for himself!

  19. rofl who doesnt want teh resources? i meen caveman craig sprite sheets and other popular game sprite sheets? its probably kiling him that you arent teling him XD

  20. dude please stop arguing with the moron. ignore him!

  21. lol nice comback penny XD

  22. i like waffles, however, i do not like how people are decompiling our games and using them. If you want my source code, JUST ASK MEH!!

  23. turkey with stuffing on the side is excelent food.. oh wait, what were we talking about?

  24. pancakes are overrated, thats all I have to say, but then again, who knew they were the source code for the games i make? oh yeah, i know who. GearGOD does!!

  25. Why GearGOD? did he create that name by ripping the GM8 Logo's Gear taht is basically a rip-off of yahoo which is a rip-off of the wal-mart smily guy. Think about that

  26. lol geargod didnt make teh new gm logo

  27. Santa's bringin me a pony, now I hope he brings GearGOD some coal!!

  28. lol omg dude
    wat is wrong with you? its like we dont even speek teh same language :|

  29. what the hell? can you act like idiots somewhere else?

  30. My sister just got something of hers decompiled... im gunna stay away for a while and hope they find some protector over that!!

  31. lol what teh hel?

  32. Sprite sheets being ripped is not the problem, it's easy to prove those are yours.
    The real problem is people stealing your game, editing the sprites and saying it is theirs.

  33. well yeah. not that many people take resources and use them if they think it would be obvious. they edit them.

    thats what i would do. but i dont steal peoples resources. only jerks do :(

  34. I updated one of the screen shots because it was too fuzzy

  35. That's not a real comment from mark Overmars. Are you guys morons or what? Oh wait. This blog is owned by Fred, AKA The Raven. I shouldn't even have to ask.

  36. Wow this is sad, I hope GearGOD got shut down, and wow... me and Brian were IDIOTS!!!
    -Bret Hudson ~ Bretboy129

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