GMC wants a GM8 post icon

stumlehb posted a topic on GMC (Dec 23 2009) saying "We Need Gm8 Post Icons". In response to this request KC LC created a temporary Game Maker 8 emoticon instead of a Game Maker 8 icon:

dadio also created his own version of the Game Maker 8 icon:

My vote goes to dadio. I like his better.

KC LC says...
"Fred can decide which one we ultimately keep. Or he may decide to make his own. That's up to him."

Looks like GMC will be getting their Game Maker 8 icon and/or emoticon after all! You should share your opinions in the GMC topic for KC LC and Fred to read.
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  1. eh this is about a week old XD no wayt i didnt notice tat you waited so that you cood get a screeny of teh new icon :P nice

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