GMKnowitall - GMS's new APP

GMKnowitall (beta) is a freeware product supplied by Game Maker Station that is basically your "how" "where" and "why" wikipedia for Game Maker. What you do is enter a question like you would talking to someone on a chat room and it'll answer your question.

More info at:

Updated are available frequently (usually every 2 days). To fit your schedule the best, download the updates once a week.

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  1. I already see a problem, in your screenshot. If the user has uninstalled IE, that code fails, and gives an error. Instead, use execute_shell("website url here",0);
    That will open the default web browser with the website url.

  2. are you talking about an in app error or an error in the article?

    the program doesnt open an url that i know of

  3. In the above screenshot, the code opens up a url in Internet Explorer.

  4. Oh.. Well that was just an example of what kind of things the program is able to show ;)

  5. this is sweet! its been helpin me with gml programin

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