Will Game Maker 8 be using Softwrap? You decide!

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About a month ago, Sandy claimed that he would not be using Softwrap in Game Maker 8. But apparently using Softwrap will make the release date of Game Maker sooner. But is it really worth it?

Sandy and Mark Overmars are letting you choose. Login to Game Maker Community and vote in the poll: http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=457106.

We recommend that you vote 'no'. Getting Game Maker sooner may be look like the better choice, but we would be stuck with softwrap for another year or two. Softwrap is bad news.

Sandy's original message (quoted from YYG Glog):

I'm still feeling a bit battered and bruised from the announcement of the new Game Maker Logo... so I'm a bit reluctant to do anything that might appear controversial. Every Friday Mark Overmars and I have a Skype call for at least an hour on discussing YoYo Games and Game Maker. Last week Mark raised the issue that the website changes we require to support removing Softwrap are behind schedule and are now at least 3 months away. Mark has been VERY busy at the University and he was worried that his ability to provide some of the code we need might take even longer.

The situation is pretty simple. Game Maker 8 is pretty much finished. Mark has taken a few days vacation to do a few small fixes and we'll be happy that we can release the product. BUT we can only do this quickly if we use Softwrap again.

We will hopefully be able to release before the end of December and Mark is ready to try and get the additional work required to support Softwrap completed during his vacation next week. As this his is NOT something we've been planning for, there may be issues we haven't anticipated, but we're both optimistic we can get the work required done quickly.

So, rather than just make a decision that I think is the right one, I thought I would repeat the positive part of the logo decision making process and give you, The Community, a chance to vote on the issue.

BEFORE you start getting excitable ..... at least take the following points into account, and then please just give us your vote!

1. Going with Softwrap means you get GM8 in the next few weeks (our target is end of December)
2. We will use a different version of Softwrap from last time, which will hopefully reduce the few problems that persist
3. The YoYo Games solution will not be ready until at least the end of March
4. The YYG solution is a "Soft-DRM" and still requires some online activation
5. The YYG solution initially will have no more payment options than Softwrap currently provides

It's up to you, so please vote YES or NO to Softwrap.

Please go vote and we'll hope for the best no matter what comes out of this.
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