Can't afford to buy GM8? Get it for free...

GMIndie has started a charity group they call GMIndie GM Charity. They are buying a copy of game maker 8 pro for 1 person once a month. The only way you can win is by listening to their live radio show on the first Saturday of every month and listening for his go. Listeners will race for the submit button and see who pressed it first! The winner will be announced after the credit music. And ka-ching! YYG got $25 and one person goes home happy.

Brian Says...
Now all of our listeners get a chance in a race to win a copy of Game Maker 8 Pro (payed for by GMIndie GM Charity - supported by people like you) every first Saturday of every month. We will announce the winner on our show LIVE right after the end credit music!

I might try for this myself!


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  1. its worth a try guys =P

  2. Awesome news...I will try to get it free now...

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