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Game Jolt's fourth contest is now up and running! Don't forget to check the rules and details below, and give it all you've got!


This is the first time we're doing a sponsored contest. Who's sponsoring this baby, you ask?, that's who! An online hard-rock radio station with a Christian message with high quality streams and a vast playlist of old and modern rock and alternative; plus metal, punk, emo, screamo, even some industrial and electronica. No pop, no "contemporary" music. Always Aggressive, Always Progressive.

Quick link to AAC+ 64k stream:

Running Date:

The contest will run for two weeks from the time of posting (January 10, 2010) to the midnight between the January 24 and January the 25 Eastern US Time. (view the end time in your timezone)

The Theme:

The theme is Rogue!

Definition: Reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others.

This can be used to affect the game in about any way imaginable! I'm sure you'll have fun with this one.

The Prize:

Standard stuff. Three winners will be picked. All three will be featured on the front page of the site. The first place winner will win a free single game of their choosing from Steam (no packs)! All contestants will also receive a Chuck Norris-Like Good Time -- courtesy of Game Jolt.

The Rules:

- Your entry must be an original game created just for this contest.

- Your entry must relate to the chosen theme.

- Collaborations are fine. Go for it with someone else! We like team work!

- Multiple games can be submitted. (You can not place more than once, though. If you get first place with one game, you won't get second or third with another)

- There are no restrictions on creation tools, libraries, file sizes or anything like that. We like diversity. Make it in Flash, make it in Construct, code it up from scratch yourself, we don't care. Just make sure it runs on a Windows operating system, or all the judges may not be able to play it.

- Pre-existing game engines are acceptable.

- You're encouraged to place the contest poster in your game, although it's definitely not a requirement.

How to Enter:

To enter your game into the contest, you must upload the game to the main site. After doing that, reply to this forum post with the URL to your game.


These are the people that will be judging the contest. Feel free to bribe them.

- Jimmy
- Ashley Gwinnell
- KniteBlargh
- UnknownGamer


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