GM8 crack means money loss for YYG

Game Maker cracks are bad news and have had a massive use increase over the past few years. Sandy recently said
a lot of people registered game maker 8. it's a lot more than we expected

Is this because he expected everyone to be getting a game maker crack? Sandy already knew about this we assume. Ron Johnson (a friend of mine from Minnesota) has been watching the game maker cracks thing for some time now and has been making records of this to see how many people are downloading game maker cracks each year.

Fact - More people are using Game maker cracks than they were in 2008! This number could easily increase over the next 4 years. A total of Counting up the download counters on the crack download pages, Ron has come up with a total and has recorded it to a chart (right). Calculating the value overall, it comes to $47,390.00 U.S. Dollars.

Looking at the chart (right) you can see that it took a whole year for the download counts to rise. This year has barely started and look at it!

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  1. I find it doubtful that the actual piracy rate of Game Maker has suddenly changed just because version 8 is out. Doesn't it stand to reason that legitimate updates are happening at a increased rate as well, especially given Sandy's remark?

    Interest in indie gaming has been exploding for the last couple of years, it shouldn't be any surprise that interest in Game Maker has increased as well. If I charted the number of entrants to the IGF for the last few years, it'd probably look similar to yours.

  2. Well yoyogames is going to be making a lot of money if I can convince my school into getting it for their pcs!!

  3. Heh, I have bought the program but using a crack because I don't like the DRM. When YoYoGames decides they won't support GM8 for example, my old projects will be useless as I wouldn't be able to use the program anymore and converting them to new gmks always has incompatibilities.
    DRM is never good. People buy things they like, they would buy more without DRM.
    Sure crack search might have increased but also the userbase of GM has increased as well. This topic is biased.

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