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It's always more interesting if a news blog focuses on more than just game maker. Since there are hardly any news articles to write about game maker, we can write about community events and new game studies related to the game maker program. We will be posting interesting articles in the future with the following:

• Game Maker
latest news about game maker.
• Game breakthroughs
To make it simple, someone invents a new game play or style and it becomes a hit like the Ultimate 3D project.
• Game studies
Studying game techniques and styles is always interesting to read about. Like the 3d game eye studies.
• Website news
Get news from your favorite game maker communities.
• Competitions/Contests
See the latest game maker contests.

A few we have already been doing. Look closely and you will spot new ones. And more to come later.

About Game Maker Gazette

Gazette is a blog focusing on Game Maker related content like product news, YoYo Games news, Game Maker media, gossip, competitions and more.


  1. Awesome, there's gonna be lots of news now :P But it might get a little cluttered :(

  2. not enough sources to make clutter

  3. I'm sure I could do this, just give me some time to get some articles

  4. if you want to

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