GMIndie Radio new host wanted

Brian needs a volunteer host for Monday shows. These shows are not going to be like the usual GMIndie LIVE radio shows. These shows are Game Maker Conference and may soon play an important role in the development of game maker. Discuss ideas for future versions of game maker, discuss new ideas for yoyo games and whatever else comes to mind. 15 minute show time max.

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  1. what did you mean may play an important role?

  2. Didn't you say you thought Sandy listened from time to time? That would mean that he could hear our ideas in which case it may affect game maker.

  3. lol didnt say i new fur sure :P

  4. but stil ya this conference thing is gonna be fun :P

  5. Wait... wats going on??

    Since when do we have Monday episodes??

  6. I only want to come on if Sandy does.

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