GMTalk launches

It's great to see that a new podcast show has started up after GMKing Podcast went inactive. GMTalk (not to be confused with GMTalk, the game maker chat room) is a podcast created by Philip Gamble. Philip Says...
"This evening Andrew McCluskey, Jack Brockley and James Garner and myself took a look at FlashPunk, the entries in the GameJolt rogue-themed game making competition, game maker games on consoles and more. We also discussed YoYo Games’ Instant Play plugin, GMIndie Magazine (sorry! Please take it in jest), how you can win Game Maker 8 pro and piracy of Game Maker."

Show Links
FlashPunk Actionscript 3.0 Library
Falling Blocks
Jet Pod FP
RKF at Kongregate
Original Game Maker RKF
Zack Banack game screenshot

GameJolt contest
Flood the Chamber
Village Looter (Construct, GMB article on Construct)

DSGameMaker topic at YoYo Games forum
Our most recent handheld update

Official announcement about lack of Instant Play support for Firefox 3.6

GMIndie Issue 4
GMIndie Issue 5

Favicon/Twitter avatar competiton

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  1. cool lol ive love your nooby sarcasm in yur podcast XD

  2. No, it wasn't 'nooby' sarcasm. We'll leave that to you.

  3. Broxter is right. It was Philips weekly bashing. You know Philip... He can't go one week without bashing someone ^^

  4. @fred ROFL
    @broxter noooooooooooooob

  5. In case you didn't realise there were 3 other people in the podcast. I said that the comments about GMindie should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.
  7. And if they aren't it's nobody's faults but your own for saying it in the first place. I see your point, but I don't like it.

    Penny isn't there a way to let people edit their posts? It didn't even delete my post completely when I deleted it. ^^

  8. "You know Philip... He can't go one week without bashing someone ^^"

    *telling the truth about idiots

  9. you talking about urself? lol

  10. I'm dying to know... How is someone going out and making their own project and trying really hard to keep it going make them an idiot? It doesn't. It only makes you a jerk.

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