GMVision’s GMC Twitter - another gmc twitter

GMVision has also created a GMC twitter page which appears to be of better quality.

On GMVision, Josh says...
On a recent discussion in The Community forums at the GMC, members suggested that the GMC and Game Maker go out into social networks and get publicity. It is also a great way for members to chat off the forums. An “official” GMC Twitter was set up, however it is poorly run, never updated, and has a horrible layout. Several members have offered to help, and now I have again it upon myself to make a “better” one. I present to you, GMVIsion’s GMC Twitter. So go ahead and press the follow button, and we’ll see you around!


-Caniac & The GMVision Team
ps. Thanks to NOD for the great logo!

Be sure to follow!

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  1. but why do we need another one? :P

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