2 Months to Close.

It's Ferbruary, and the Competition05 is at the 2 month deadline. Why don't we look back on some of the better entries so far. This is the top 4 Best entries in Competition05 As of now.

4) PHILO- This is a simple robotic puzzle game about collecting CDs. The gameplay is puzzling, and you'll need to return to areas to collect CDs you couldn't collect before. The graphics are incredibly nice.

3) Textrex- Textrex is a mix between breakout and tetris, hitting blocks falling from the sky that look like tetris blocks. It may lag and error on some computers due to surfaces. I enjoyed it, but was forced to quit when one of the power ups crashed the game.

2) Team Warfare- This game is a worms type game, fighting against other strange blobs in a team aspect. While the graphics aren't realistic/shsaded, they are still good MSPaint looking cuteness, without a sloppy feel.

1) Extinction 3d- This game is great. The graphics, gameplay and sounds all have perfection. This game can keep you playing for a long time, and enjoying every minute of it.

All games can be played here: http://www.yoyogames.com/search?q=Competition05

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