(Another) GM Radio Show

Out of the blue, hd4life, GMC user, contacted me to inform everyone of his new radio show Game Polisher Radio. GPRadio is another Game Maker Radio show, but this one is more into giving you a more in depth experience. It's the same old GM news, reviews, and such, but now this one also features tutorial suggestions, help (you can contact him with a question and he will answer it on the show), topics on other coding languages (such as C++ and flash), and possibly a call-in discussion in the future.

The show will be run by the host hd4life and co-host Kolink.
"Get ready, 'cuz your gunna polish your games - with Game Polisher"

They also have a website, which is more than just the radio show, it also has a forum devoted to helping you, so check out his site! First episode of the show will be on March 27th, check out the site for times!
Game Polisher Media


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