Ideas To Improve The GMC

Since last Thursday on the GMC, there has been a community discussion about "Ideas to improve the forum", started by Nic James. It is an ongoing topic and quite interesting.

Nic James:
"my idea: i would like to see a link beside "View new posts" that says "My Recent Posts/topics". so you can just click that and review all the topics and replys you have made without having to search through the whole forum again. also when one of your posts gets bumped back a bunch of pages and you wont have to go looking for it, it would be there in a nice long list. btw under MY CONTROLS there is recently read forums, but thats not what i mean..."

He then asked other members to contribute to his idea and suggest their own changes they would like to see for improvements. To add your own ideas, please follow this link: Ideas To Improve The Forum - Game Maker Community, and start posting!

Let's improve the GMC and make it our dream land! Now, where's the peanut butter?


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  1. make it so you dont have to be a member to search the forums

  2. ya. i hate it when you have to sign in to look at others topics. its bull shit

  3. Yeah its annoying, I'm a member but I'm way too lazy to log in :P

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