New YoYoGames CTO PLUS GM to PSP!

Ok, so YoYoGames thinks it would be a "great" idea to hirer a CTO. Well, it WAS a great idea! The new CTO is working on a Game Maker to PSP port that will allow Game Maker Games to work on the popular gaming system, the PlayStation Portable. More news will follow this message, but here is a quote from Sandy.

Sandy says:
Firstly for those of you who don’t already know it, CTO stands for Chief Technical Officer. In other words we’ve just hired the guy who will have overall responsibility for ALL future Game Maker development amongst other things !

Our new CTO is Russell Kay. Russell has been involved in the development of some of the world’s best known Video Games titles, beginning in the mid 1980’s with “Lemmings” which is still recognised as one of the world’s most successful games. Russell was the Founder and CEO of Visual Science Ltd. The company was best known for producing the Formula 1 racing titles for Electronic Arts, but also produced the first Grand Theft Auto game, as well as titles in the Medal of Honour series. Most recently Russell has been working as a Senior Software Architect on, as yet unannounced projects for Real Time Worlds.

More information can be found here: YYG Glog

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