29 moderators. Only 11 active?

You would think that YoYo Games would choose members to be moderators for 2 reasons.

1). They've been with YYG a long time and have a good reputation
2). They are active

This doesn't seem to be the case. At least not anymore. More moderators are slowly going inactive and it's beginning to worry the members. Not the naughty ones of coarse ;)

At the moment, the current active moderator list is (list by Nailog): Nailog, RhysAndrews, Trollsplatterer, ZekeGames, MT, NessXX, Manyquestions, RC, Guy Sivan, A saurus1 and Vlad.

The sad part is, even though they have all of these active moderators, they are still failing to do a good job. For example, visit the General Chat forum and browse the first 2 pages. Feel free to post links to as many spam topics as you can find.

If YoYo Games remains in the shape it's in right now, they're going to need as many active moderators as they can get. If you're a YoYo Games moderator, go sign in and help fix YoYo Games!
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  1. Actually I think that their staff chose them based on the rating of their games... I think they wanted good game makers in charge...


  2. oh =|

    still, these guys need to get some more mods

  3. I'd hate to see Yoyogames fail, but honestly, I think it is going to... soon.

  4. they probably won't. but there's a big chance their forum will.

  5. I am a main-site moderator. Not a forum one.

    I really want the forums to be like GJ, but it seems like a few of my mods friends like it as it is.

  6. Like NessXX, I'm mainly a main site moderator, not really doing much on the forums. Most of my mod time is spent removing games with bad screenshots, which is a big job for one person.

  7. Yes. They asked me to become a moderator for the ratings of my games. You know, because having highly rated games definitely makes you a trustworthy person.

  8. There are some points to be made, here, I think.
    1) At the start, mods may have been chosen because of their game ratings, but that time is gone. Now they are indeed chosen by responsibility and activity, both on the forums and the main site.
    2) Many members seem to forget that the forums are only an extension of YoYo Games. The YYGF members are only a fraction of the YYG members and most of our work is situated on the main site.
    3) We're working on getting the forums in line, but with some of the mod tools broken as they are (the forum admin report page, for instance), it's sometimes hard for us to keep up.
    4) It's only normal for people to move on with their life. Being a mod requires a lot of time and some members no longer have that time once they get older.
    5) Most moderators on that list moved to the GMC, which are much more active forums and hence require more attention.

    I'm not panicking, we'll straighten this out, give us some time and just have fun, which is what YYG is there for.

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