Gazette under construction (finished)

The blog is under construction as we add a third column on to the blog and add a few extra gadgets making the news blog more useful.

We hope to keep bringing you the same quality media in the future ;) Hang in there with us while changes are made to the blog.

EDIT: the construction is over.

About Game Maker Gazette

Gazette is a blog focusing on Game Maker related content like product news, YoYo Games news, Game Maker media, gossip, competitions and more.


  1. Great! I like the new column and all the additions. The quote of the day seems a bit useless to me, though I guess some people might find it inspiring. It would be nice if you made it clear who you were quoting.

  2. ugh, i dont like the new layout. 3 Columns always makes me feel complicated, and the gazette should have a nice, simple feel to it.

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