GMIndie to ban its material from the media

As stated in the news section of the GMIndie forums, GMIndie may be banning its content from certain Game Maker media sites.
"Recently we've been trash talked and so we're going to decide if we need to BAN our material from certain forums & blogs. Typically we'd ignore trash talking, if it were true. But this has been repetitive and none of it was true. So in hopes of stopping the spread of false rumors, we're going to consider banning our material from some of the media sites."
Brian, CEO Chairman
GMIndie team will be holding a meeting on Wednesday of this week (in the GMIndie chat room) at 2:00PM U.S Pacific Time, PST (GMT-8) and will decide if it's media is to be banned from some Game Maker media sites.


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  1. Really, this seems like a very immature thing to do!

  2. Bad idea ._.
    Ill have to remove you from my site D:
    Bad for publicity to.

  3. Banning will stop the trolling. Keeping them unbanned will keep the trolling up.

    Either choice is a BAD idea.

  4. Stalemate. now what?

  5. I still think its a bad idea.
    Just say to the trolls your fake and gay and be done with them.

  6. I don't think that banning our material from other sites is going to help this. If people are trash talking gmindie falsely, we probably want to make our material all the more available to make it clear that these accusations are false. Also, people don't have to link to our material to trash talk it.

  7. Yes, but in this case it's best to choose the better of two evils. Better half-way-decent publicity then none.

  8. yes i know they don't. the whole point of the ban is to stop them from announcing our material. we don't want to be proudly associated with troll media sites.

    its not just to stop them from trash talking. just announcing our media.

  9. @Kevin O...k...

  10. Brian I'm just gonna out and say it, this is a bad idea.

  11. WOW 2 things:

    Does this mean the Gazette can't write about it? Probably not, its run by GMIndie.

    And this is the first popular post in a long time, I mean, its actually has comments (11 atm)!!
    -Bretboy129 ~ Bret Hudson

  12. why would i ban our own blog? lol

    and ya it got popular cuz its discussing GMIndie =3

  13. Brian, I'll say it once again: THIS IS A BAD IDEA!!! You should NEVER feed the trolls. As Steve Jobs once said, if you do this, You're letting the terrorists win!

  14. LOL nicely said Zargy
    -Bretboy129 ~ Bret Hudson

  15. and its gonna hurt to stop them from announcing our media on their blog? O.o

  16. Well, they can still always just download our stuff and then release it on their blog. It's not like blocking links will completely solve the problem.

  17. Well I meant IP banning. They can't download if their IP is banned XD

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