YoYo Games upload virus scanner broken

It would seem that the YoYo Games upload virus scanner that is suppose to look for viruses in games being uploaded to the YoYo Games website is broken.

As revealed by me929, yesterday:
they deleted my uploaded game which took forever to upload and I might get banned because they found a virus. Perhaps instead of just scanning they should remove the virus that supposedly exists and alert moderator, not just delete the game =(
Good point. But that sounds too complicated. It's safe to say YoYo Games doesn't have time to create something that will get rid of viruses. It's up to the creator of the game to make sure the game is virus free before they upload it to YoYo Games.

We can safely say that the YoYo Games virus scanner is of this moment broken.

It's important that you don't upload any games or edit any existing uploaded games until YoYo Games has resolved this issue.


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  1. um, i think its fixed now

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