GamePolisher Summer Kick-Off

GamePolisher Radio (created by hd4life) has just announced what seems to be a big event in Game Maker - the GamePolisher Summer Kick-Off! Simply, it's a radio broadcast thats going to have some amazing guest speakers on it, such as the famous 2DCube, Andrew Brophy, and Rotten_tater! ALSO, you have the chance to win a spot on the show, to speak with the legends themselves!

hd4life says:
Wanna be on GamePolisher Radio?

How bout this - you get to be on the air, with people all over the world being jealous that you got picked. That's not even the best part - you'll be part of GamePolisher's Summer Kick-Off Broadcast!

So your probably wondering "What's the GamePolisher Summer Kick-Off?". Well, to simply put it, it's a HUGE GM event on June 5th to kick off the summer. Now what makes this episode so special? Oh, your gunna like what makes it special. Rotten_tater, 2Dcube, and Andrew Brophy are attending. They'll be talking about what they're plans in GM and/or real life are this summer. How cool would it be to be on air with some of the biggest names in Game Maker? And we might even have some more guest hosts, we just started sending out invitations.

Now your wondering "How do I enter?". How about you send [hd4life] a pm on Polisher Central telling us why you want to be on the show, how much it would mean to you, and all of that stuff.

GamePolisher Summer Kick-Off - You could be in it

Good luck to all those who enter and this will definitely be a show worth tuning into. More good luck to the people putting on the show!

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  1. uhh i dont get how thats a big event in game maker O.o

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