GMIndie on hold

GMIndie is putting all of their projects on hold, except for the Podcasts, so they can get their new eBook GAME MAKER GEEK: First Steps done and released on the first of July. GMIndie Magazine issue 9 was delayed a few days, and we're sorry for that. It should be out tomorrow afternoon if all goes well.

We'll throw a finale of releases on the first of july to make up for everything being on hold. A magazine release, radio show release, podcast release, video tutorial, audio version of the book and more cool stuff.

I hope you appreciate the work we do. We improve all the time. But we can't without your help! Consider joining the GMIndie team.

-- Brian
GMIndie Chairman

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  1. everything except for the podcast

  2. I dont think this is a good idea at all.

  3. you think its better if we release the book late due to being busy with other projects instead? O.o

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