ToadFrogs 2 Years of Game Making Comp Judged

I finished judging the games last night, fell asleep before I had the chance to write about it on the Gazette. I judged the contest for ToadFrogs and once I finished, hd4life and I wrote up some reviews. Only 1st and 2nd place got reviews, it was part of the prizes. But for those of you wondering who won, here's the winners:

3rd Place: Speed by KrisL01
A shoot-em-up arcade style game that was worthy of winning 3rd Place!

2nd Place: Programmer's Revenge by Kolink
A Top-Down Shooter (TDS) with a twist!

This TDS is not like ANY other TDS out there. When you shoot the first guy you unlock ALL the cheats, unlimited health, unlimited money, shield, rapidfire and homing bullets. This may seem like a stupid idea, or an easy way out, but as you go along through the game you will notice even if you have all the cheats, they won't guarantee you will win. You will also need skill. This is real for all games, just Kolink wanted to emphasize it so people knew this. He's only made it to Wave 64 himself, even though there's 101 main waves, although if you can beat them it goes on forever. This game has amazing visual effects - beautiful transitions, the smoothness of the homing bullets, and particle effects. This game placed this high just because of creativity and how amazing the game looked.

1st Place: Momentum by Electron
Another shoot-em-up game with 10 different ships and power-ups!

First thing that happens is some upbeat techno/rock song gets you ready to blow up some ships. Screen shake is turned on at the beginning, but after you read the game controls at the bottom of the menu, you can press play and turn it off. Choose your ship from the 10 available: Momentum, BumbleBee, Trick, Evade, Blade, Galaga, Assault, Slayer, Darkness, and Electron, each with its own special power-up skill. Left click to shoot, right click to use your ship's special ability. To obtain a special ability, you must collect a power-up star, which also increases the amount of bullets show at once. Shoot at the red enemies and collect the power-ups. Try to beat 550 enemies killed (hd4life's exact score) and enter it online through the in game online high score engine.

Congratulations everyone!

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