Future of GMIndie revealed

Kat, Mike and myself had a meeting this morning via Skype about the real future of GMIndie. In our own words "we couldn't be prouder to welcome our newest supported software "DS Game Maker" by James Gardner". The two very best softwares covered by the team you've all grown to love.

Game Maker by Mark Overmars
DS Game Maker by James Garner

We'll be covering both products in our magazine "Game Maker's Digest", and will be covering both products as far as Game Maker news goes.

Our new book "Game Maker Geek: Game Maker 8.0" should be coming out soon, shortly followed by "Game Maker Geek: DS Game Maker 4.9" - Both eBooks are software manuals. With the book design finally finished, and more time on our hands, we should be releasing eBooks for the release of every future version of both products. Our eBooks will be distributed on our website, as well as a few other huge eBook websites for FREE.

Happy Game Making Everyone!

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  1. I'm excited about this, simply because we've never covered 2 simple programs at once. Before, we had attempted to cover things like C++ and Java. Gaming is so much easier with tools like Game Maker and DS Game Maker, and I hope people realize what a favor the developers of these programs have done them. Even though game creation programs like these may not be the best thing to use for ever kind of game, it'll give you good practice in actually creating professional games.

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