Sandy Duncan Is Bored With Twitter

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SANDY DUNCAN (YOYO GAMES, LTD CEO) DELETED HIS TWITTER ACCOUNT twice, and says that he's "Fed up" and "Bored with Twitter"

So if you've been looking for him on Twitter (and you probably have been) and wondering why his Twitter suddenly disappeared (again), stop looking. It's gone. @ZanderDuDuh and @XanderDuDuh have been destroyed.

His original Twitter (@ZanderDuDuh) page had:
Following: 590
Followers: 605
Tweets: 2,213

I don't think his new Twitter account even reached 50 followers and 100 tweets before he deleted it. R.I.P Sandy Duncan's Twitter =(

In addition to the announcement, Sandy says "I won't be back ....."

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