Nikc-Nack's Magazine - Issue 6

    Nikc-Nack's Magagazine has just released Issue 6 of thier E-magazine! It features 17 pages of content with games reviews on Chawp, Timestill 2, and Defender. It also talks about Hosta, GMIndie, New game maker sites. It has an interview with Brian Fetcher of GMIndie, Flash games, and a nice wrapup.
    This issue offers a new layout that is much better over the previous versions. The only problem is the table of contents, well, doesn't have much.
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  1. A lot of the links in it don't work....

  2. Meh, I updated it a bit, sorry for the messed up links. The links still won't work well on Acrobat.COM. But if you download from one of the other mirrors that can be found in the GMC topic then you can find that all the links work.

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