Competition 06 Update: Final Round

YOYOGAMES GLOG — YoYo Games has gotten to the FINAL ROUND OF JUDGING. After this round, only one game will remain, and that will be the winner! For judging, there will be a few "celebrity guest judges", and this is what Kirsty has to say on it:
Our guest judges on the final round include Trollsplatterer (main Administrator of the YoYo Games Forum), GMC Admins (Game Maker Community), Jesse Venbrux (2DCube) our last competition winner, Dave Jones (CEO of Real Time Worlds and DMA) and of course Sandy Duncan and Mark Overmars from YoYo HQ.

We’ll be collecting the results, hopefully in the next week, and we can announce the winner!

Here is the list of the 15 games that YoYo Games has put into the final round:
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