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YOYO GAMES GLOG — As YoYo Games promised, they are keeping us up to date with new glog posts about publishing with YoYo Games, and today's topic (well, actually yesterday's) is the new Base Line Spec. The full article can be found in this wiki article.

Before reading either the wiki article or the rest of this post, please consider the following:

YoYo Games Glog:
So for those who are interested in submitting games through YoYo Game Store, these are the requirements we require for you to adhere to. So to save everyone time and heartache please carefully observe these specifications otherwise it is guaranteed your submitted game will not be accepted! The Game Store will be ready for submissions VERY, VERY SOON..!

For those of you who are reading this, the Base Line Spec is basically an outline of what your game should and should not do. Requirements, limitations, and other things along that line are included in this. This post will summarize what the Base Line Spec says, although we do recommend you to read it as well.

The current runner has no support for cameras, compass, retina, tilt, push notifications, in app purchase etc. YoYo Games has noted that they will come, just not yet. If you want to have a special splash screen (with a "Tap to start" message), you may put it as the first room in your game. If not, YoYo Games has a standard splash screen that will be used instead.

More info can be found on the wiki article, please check it out for more info.
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