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    YoYo Games Glog — Recently the YoYo Games Glog announced the release of They Need To Be Fed(by Jesse Venbrux or better know as 2DCube). It appears from what they say that the full PC game is on the iOS. They don't say that they've cut out anything on the blog article, but I shall have to wait until I find someone who ones one.
    For those of you who don't know, They Need To Be Fed(TNTBF) is the winner for the YoYo Games Competition 05. The goal of the game is like any other platformer, get to the end ALIVE. One thing that makes this so different is that you won't have to worry about falling, OH NO! This game has taken platform gravity to the extreme! The game uses 360° gravity, enabling you to jump off the side of one platform and land on the side of the other.

Each world has 7 exciting levels and a special “x” one to unlock.
Do you have what it takes to perfect every level?
* 7 worlds to complete
* 360°gravity gameplay
* Over 50 levels to play
* Physics-based platforming
* 25 challenging achievements
* Slick visuals
* Fantastic soundtrack by Jake Almond
From the YoYo Games Glog

    I know for certain that there have been a FEW graphics changes just by looking at the iOS version. Also it sounds like from reading the Glog article that the sound was changed, I don't know if that was the original artist or not.

    Anyone who has an iOS device should download this game now so that you can play a great Indie Game anytime and show off to your friends!
    For anyone who does not own a iOS device you can still play the original game at the following links:
Download from Jesse's Website:
Download from YoYo Games: YoYoGames(I shortened this down because of the HUGE url)

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