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YoYo Games Glog — Recently, the website GameSpark has been gaining popularity with the Game Maker community. In case you don't know, GameSpark is an online video tutorial website specifically designed for Game Maker! They have six courses, two of which are tutorials on 2D games, and four are for 3D games. Each course is set up as follows:

3D Racing Course
Lessons: 15 - Total time: 1 hrs. 36 mins. - Includes desert racing resources pack
Create head-to-head racing action, inspired by games such as Mario Kart! Race off-road over several laps, competing against another player, as well as computer-controlled racers.

Courses include 2D Maze Course, 2D Platform Course, 3D Maze Course, 3D Racing Course, 3D Arena Course, and 3D Scrolling Course. Now, there is also a price factor involved in this. Each 2D course costs $19.95 and each 3D course costs $29.95. To check out the courses in more detail, click here.

They also have resources available on the website to buy. You can either browse the resources by type or theme. Types of resources include: Theme Packs, Sprites (2D Games), Sprites (3D Games), Sprites (3D Racing Vehicles) Backgrounds & Textures, Skyboxes, Sounds (Music & SFX), and 3D Models. Themes include: Underwater, Everyday, Super Hero, Space, Fantasy, Egyptian, and Desert.

The courses and overall site have been positively received by YoYo Games, and they have actually began to endorse GameSpark. So, don't be surprised if you see advertisements for GameSpark around the site! Also, as an added bonus, "exclusively for YoYo Games visitors", type "YOYO" as the discount code while in the check out and you will receive a 20% discount on all purchases.

Hope to find some good games made with the knowledge that is learned from GameSpark!
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