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YOYO GAMES GLOG — Are you ready for a free game? Yes it's true, YoYo Games released a totally free game for iOS devices. It is solitaire, but done in game maker! It has lots of other features in it that most other solitaire apps do not include.

    The game has really nice graphics, and of course a huge YoYo Games watermark on the back of the card mat, just to make sure it's visible at ALL times of play. The graphics go fairly realistic and they look really sweet. YoYo Games made it where the cards do not align straight, they get a bit con-jumbled as you play the cards, but this isn't very extreme, the cards are still perfectly readable. It also has several different backgrounds, I'm not sure if all of them have the YoYo Games logo on them, but I assume that they do. They also say the game has special effects, but they don't state what these "special effects" are, I'm assuming just cool graphical stuff.
    They game features different things, such as: Klondike, 1 card draw, and 3 card draw, as well some different game modes. The cards move simply by drag and drop, and it also includes double card tap. The game has a high scores table, but they don't say if it is online or not, since it allows you to compare scores against friends I assume it has a online high scores table.
     Also, one thing that may excite everyone, NO ADVERTISEMENTS!!! Yes, it's true, even on a free program YoYo Games chose not to place advertisements, even though they won't be earning money off of the app, I believe this is a very smart move for YoYo Games.
    So if you own a iOS device go download this app and give er' a try! You won't lose anything if you don't like it.
    You can download it for iPad here:
    Or for iPhone or iPod users here:

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  1. I just love to play Free Solitaire Online. It is my favourite game. Thanks for sharing.

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