YoYo Games Warning! Decompiler Ended?

YOYO GAMES GLOG — Thee hath been warned! YoYo Games is taking a stand now against the people who create the "decompliers" for Game Maker. They send a soft warning to the creators of this to stop developing the decompilers. Perhaps it was cute the first time, but seriously, they have gone far enough. This is specifically pointed towards the iOS decompiler. As this seems to be the most important project of YoYo Games right now.
    Hypothetically speaking, if I were to create a decompiler then I would not have been so open about who I was. Instead the creators seemed almost happy that they had created this. Of course they must be very intelligent to have created this, but perhaps, not very wise.
    YoYo Games unprofessional? I have heard some talk from people saying that it was unproffessional for YoYo Games to leave a blog post reguarding the matter. While this may seem unproffessional, I believe this was a smart thing for them to do. They don't brutally threaten the creators, but they do send a strong warning to them, in a professional way. And along with "hopefully" stopping their problem, they will stop future problems like this, from other users who may create things like decompilers. The creators were also banned from the Game Maker Community, which is completely fair punishment.
    Did they really stop? I suppose there is no real way to know for sure. I would assume (not that I have anything against the creators) that they have kept the project for themselves, and may or may not use it. But, according to the E-mails sent to YoYo Games, they have stopped. Another thing that makes me suspicious is the comment that Brad posted on the Glog post, which was not apologetic, at all!
Brad Says:
January 5th, 2011 at 9:51 pm
Hello YYG!
Me and Zach have done nothing illegal.
Should you end up hiring a real lawyer and sending a valid, formal cease and desist, you will eventually lose in court.
We have not distributed any of your property. Please provide some proof of an instance where we have distributed your property.
So until a formal cease and desist is written to me personally via email or mail, the SOURCE to the decompiler/compiler will be released.

Thanks and have a good day.
In my interpretation(hopefully in everyone), that last sentence appears to say that they may still release the project. Very stupid of them indeed.

Is it Wrong? OF COURSE! This is completely wrong, plus illegal. And "EVEN IF" the project isn't technically illegal, what the program will be used for will be illegal. So take my advise, don't create something that is intended to steal someone else work. It's also illegal because it's a game that most likely created profit. The only ones entitled to distribute the game are YoYo Games, Apple, and the creator(s) of the game. It wrong, logically, legally, and morally! So don't!

The Game Maker Gazette and authors are strongly against ALL decompilers created for Game Maker and do not intend to support the further creation of these
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  1. Yet they don't do anything about de-compilers?

  2. If it is for educational purpopes, I mean, to decompile the game and study the line codes for creating better ones or to learn with more accuracy the GML language, it's not illegal.

  3. Anonymous, you do have a point.

    It still is an invasion of privacy, however...
    -Bretboy129 ~ Bret Hudson

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