GameMaker 8.1 Released

YOYO GAMES — The moment everyone has been waiting for: GAMEMAKER* 8.1! We're going to make this simple, so here are the download links:

Want the lite edition?
Lite Edition - $0.00
Want the standard** edition?
Standard** Edition - $25.00

*Game Maker has been renamed (sadly) to GameMaker
**Standard is the new name for the Pro edition.

ATTENTION GAME MAKER 8.0 PRO USERS: You can upgrade to GameMaker 8.1 Standard FOR FREE! You can upgrade your version of Game Maker for free until June 1st, 2011. After that, it's not available. Also, the price will go up from $25.00 to $39.99 the same day. So all you lite users better upgrade soon to save $14.99! The upgrading process can be found here: YoYo Games Glog.

Have fun making games with all the new features of GAMEMAKER 8.1!
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