Super Snake HD


YOYO GAMES GLOG — Another android and iOS game was just released by YoYo Games, called Super Snake HD. The one who made it is the creator of the Game Maker program, Mark Overmars, with assistance from Jochem Schut. This game is a clone of the popular snake game, where you eat objects and your snake gets longer, and you must keep your snake from running into it's own tail. This version features a full 80 levels, and there seems to be many game modes, including "Simply Snake", "Tasty Revenge", and "Deadly Rivals".

Super Snake HD is available for Android and iOS devices for the low price of $0.99. Updates and new levels will be coming soon, according to the Super Snake HD website.
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  1. I'm probably gonna buy the game this weekend, I bet it's awesome! :)

  2. Sweet! Looks nice. I'll definitely buy this game today :D

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