YoYo Games June Updates


YOYO GAMES GLOG — The monthly update from YoYo Games just arrived on the glog.

YoYo Games stated that they want GameMaker to be more than an entry tool for game development. They want it to not only be that, but also a strong professional tool that will be used by some of the biggest names out there. They did say that they may loose some users from this decision, but also gain many more.

YoYo Games Says:
Our aim to gain further reach into gaming markets and gain a larger reputation amongst developers.

On the website side of things, they said that they are 80% done with it! Very exciting news for many GameMaker users. YoYo Games stated that the old site will remain linked on the main menu, for existing users to use.

YoYo Games Says:
The uploading of your games will be alive and well on the old site, this hasn’t changed. All the games previously submitted will stay. Nothing is being deleted. We think this is a good compromise for new visitors seeing a much cleaner site while still offering the same functionality for existing members.

It's good that YoYo Games isn't planning on taking down any of the older games. YoYo Games mentioned adding a part on the site where game developers can meet up and chat. The site is aimed towards being up early next week, and a small group will be chosen to test the site, mainly Admins and Mods.

Believe it or not, you can now follow Mark Overmars on twitter. His username is simply @mark_overmars.
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