GMC Jam #3 Announcement - July 30th


GAME MAKER COMMUNITY — The third GMC Jam was announced very early today by Nocturne on the GMC. The theme for this competition was chosen by Theg721, and has been censored out, so you have to guess what it is. The theme will remain a secret until it starts July 30th.

The theme is:
O****w**** T**********e g***, *** ***c**, *** A***s**** *****

The jam will last 72 hours, and you'll need to make sure you convert your timezone with GMT if you're interested in competing. There's quite a few rules, and instead of re-writing them, I simply just copy and pasted Nocturne's rules as they are very straight forward.

Additional information:
1. Starts Saturday 30th July (This is not fixed!!! See the top vote...)
2. 72 hours long from 00:01 AM GMT Saturday 23:59 PM GMT Monday

1. Each Jam has a theme, and participants are encouraged to use it.
2. Using the theme is NOT obligatory, but will be valued when voting.
3. To encourage use of theme, the highest-voted theme-based game gets to choose the theme for next Jam.
4. The theme will not be revealed until just before the start of the Jam to prevent any advantages

1. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be chosen using the SSE method. Voters may rank the games in order of their preference. Voters may rank as few, or as many, games as they wish.
All games are eligible (themed and non-themed), but voters should take "use of theme" into account. (Remember: non-theme games can win, but they CANNOT pick the next Jam's theme. see above.)
2. Voters may give an "Honourable Mention" vote for a game whose features they liked, but wasn't good enough to win. These can be graphics, sound, gameplay, idea, etc.
When voting, leave feedback about WHY you voted for the game(s) you chose. (Optional)
Participants may not vote for their own game.

1. Games must be posted in the WIP/Games forums before the finish deadline for the Jam. Hosting is up to the individual user.
2. A link to your game and a short description must be posted in the official Jam topic.
People are welcome to use any outside sites, and are also welcome to promote such sites, but the posting of topics and the voting will be done on the GMC.
3. Teams are encouraged and can be organised by you with whomever you wish or you can participate in a random team (see below for more details)

1. Prizes will be as before... A special graphic/banner, bragging rights and (if your game is a themed game) the possibility of choosing the next Jam theme.
2. Community prizes will also be offered as members of the community contribute whatever the feel appropriate. EG: Coverage on their web site, custom graphics for the game, a video of the gameplay for YouTube... Whatever
3. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO MONETARY PRIZE. This is forbidden by the forum admins.

These are prizes kindly and very generously offered to us by GMC members. To all who donate their time/experience/whatever to this community endeavor I thank you very, very much!

IceMetalPunk - Banners for the top 3, a special web page (with reviews, comments, descriptions, screenshots, and downloads) for the top 2 games, and free hosting for that page for the winner for a year on my site

Theg721 - One month of freelance programming and graphic design services as well as a "Lets Play" video of the winning game on YouTube.

indie(Function); is also planning on giving out some prizes, but it hasn't been confirmed yet!
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