BoxedLunch Games [Unique Competition]

Sources: Game Maker Community

Theme- Anything unique, whether it be graphics, play styles, or story.
You can make any kind of game just make it unique in some way.

1st Place -A video review which will be posted on youtube, the first place box trophy, a review on yoyogames, a review on the boxedlunch games forums with the best features I will give, and you will be the mod of the "user games" section on the site.
2nd Place - A video review (Not as long as the first place one), the second place box trophy, and a review on the boxedlunch games forum with some nice features.
3rd Place - the third place box trophy and a review on the boxedlunch games forum.

Starts - September 15th
Ends - Feburary 20th

- You must be registered here and post in the competition topic here
- Must follow theme
- No tutorial rip offs

For more information, Contact BxdLunch at GMC.

Credits: BxdLunch

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