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The owner of GM-Resources (James Rhodes, from Roket Games) is selling his website ''. This is a website that pretty much indexes Game Maker Community (taking utilities, games, and other such resources).

Here is what the owner of GM-Resources said:
“Due to financial issues, I may have to let go the Game Maker Resources domain in the near future. Ideally I’d like to sell the service and domain rather than just let someone else take over the domain (which would cause confusion to the people who still use it).” - James Rhodes

The site gets around 3,000 page views a week.
"I can't give you uniques as the old hoster randomly turned it off and on." - James Rhodes

It is obviously to the highest bid, but $50 AUD is the minimum.

If you are interested in purchasing the domain from James Rhode, PM him at Game Maker Community.

EDIT: 10/23/2009
The website has been sold to xot.

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