YoYo Games Beta Servers Down

Sources: YoYo Games & Game Maker Blog

This was suspected to happen eventually. YoYo Games beta servers is down. (gm8 and gm4mac)

YoYo Games has been having problems like this for the past 2 weeks. YoYo Games forums are currently down. And to top that, their website has been down several times during this past week.

YoYo Games was recently displaying the following message "Game Maker 8.0 Release Candidate access has been closed due to overwhelming demand" which was removed a couple days ago.

A few people claim that sources ("YYG Staff") told them that the YoYo Games forum won't be back for 2-3, or even possibly 3-4 weeks.

YoYo Games says Game Maker 8.0 Release Candidate and GM4Mac beta sites will be back and running on Monday 27th September.

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