GMVision and GMGRS merging

Sources: GMVision

GMVision plans to create mini episodes weekly ('minisodes' so to speak).
GMGRS is teaming up (or “Merging” if you will) with GMVision. For those of you not familiar with GMGRS, it is a short (~5 minutes) Video Show, where they review a game. Although GMVision has not set a particular date for the first release of the mini episodes, they assured everyone that it is in the works, and they will be posting them on their website. The mini episodes will have a wide range of alternate topics, from Reviews, news, and deathmatches, to “Episodes” of GMGRS, and an occasional “special edition” of the Game Maker Show. Minisodes will have several alternating hosts, that will keep everyone happy, by providing different opinions, and voices. For those of you worried about content quality, we can assure you that we are setting a minimum quality level, and an episode protocol.

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