Features in GM8 So Far

Sources: YoYo Games

The following features have been added since the second beta.
  • The import/export mechanism was extended to correctly maintain the resource tree. In this way is will indeed extend the functionality of Merge Game and can also be used to defragment games.
  • The size of the code completion form is now remembered.
  • Double clicking on a line in the code editor now selects the whole line.
  • Added functions mouse_wheel_up and mouse_wheel_down.
  • Added a function set_application_title(title) to set the title of the application (which is shown in the taskbar).
  • Added function file_text_eoln.
  • Added read-only variabe debug_mode.
  • When closing the debug form the game will continue to run.
  • Size of the script form is now maintained.
  • In the code editor you can now select text by using Shift while clicking with the mouse. Also you can copy a selection by dragging it with Ctrl.
  • In the code editor Ctrl + Space will show the completion form even when not shown default.
  • In the image editor, arrow heads are now filled with the right color.
  • Runtime error mesages now better indicating the position of the error.
  • Added zoom options to the sprite mask form.
  • In image and sprite editor, shifting images now allows for wrapping horizontally and/or vertically.
  • Added a function splash_set_position.

The following features had already been added in the second beta.

  • You can now change the background of the main form by placing a file back.bmp in the main folder.
  • You can now set in the preferences how long to wait before showing the function completion help.
  • In the image editor, double clicking on the preview image now opens a separate preview window.
  • Added a variable gamemaker_version. Current value is 800.
  • Extended the tutorials mechanism to allow for multiple tutorials.
  • You can now use high quality icons for your games.
  • For the code editor there is now an option in the preferences whether you want to allow the cursor beyond the end of a line of text.
  • Added functions disk_size(drive) and disk_free(drive).
  • When defining triggers there is now an option to edit them in the code editor.
  • You can now indicate in the preferences to show the news in the default browser.
  • Collision mask definition has been changed. Makes it compatible with past and adds bounding box options back in (plus possibility to draw them with mouse).
  • Changed the window caption to first show the name of the game. Also show this correctly in the Task Bar.
  • With autocompletion in the code editor you can now use the mouse wheel to scroll through the options.

» The above was quoted from the GM8 Changes Page. »

Credits: GMNews

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