The Legitimate Top 5 GM Sites

Sources: Game Maker Top Sites

By now, it is common knowledge that the GM Top Sites page is constantly plagued by spam. So, here are the top 5 sites on that list that are legitimate.

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Tasty Ham Games

Tasty Ham Games is a GM fan site set up by Elmzran. It is a showcase for various GM games, which are found on the YoYo Games website by a team of members on a regular basis. Currently, the site boasts a total of 51 games, all sorted neatly into categories. There is also an instant play feature, and comments are enabled on games. There are also various tutorials, codes, and other resources available for fledgling game makers.

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Game Making Resources

This is a website that hosts many resources for Game Maker, all accessible by a simple, easy to use search function, that quickly finds and lists every relevant resource in a neat, clean and tidy way. It is extremely useful for finding any form of resource for your games.

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SigmaNINE, formerly Twilight Phantasm, is an alternative GM community which allows you to create blogs, share your games, and get involved with a friendly community of members. It is currently undergoing a complete makeover into SigmaNINE, where it will be a full Indie network, for more than just Game Maker games.

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GameMaker3D is a message board dedicated to Game Maker's 3D capabilities. it hosts competitions, provides examples made by it's members, allows members to talk and help each other with problems they may be having, and much more. A great place to go if you want to learn to make 3D games.

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Game Maker Station

An alternative GM community that hosts games and tutorials, along with a huge arsenal of other features, including every GM version since it's first release and a large list of GML scripts. It boasts 207 games, 454 resources, and a community currently 4,152 members strong. With helpful staff and a friendly community, it's a great place to go for help.

These are all sites from GM Top Sites. The order of rank on the actual website is subject to change.

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